Winner of the ESA Prize jointly with Space Applications Services

FENIX is a modular micro-propulsion device designed to expand the mission profile of the CubeSat platform. Its independent solid rocket motors enable missions on higher orbits, multiple orbital planes in a single mission, lifetime extension, and deorbiting.

Its baseline configuration includes four solid rocket motors installed along the vertical edges of a 1U CubeSat frame, so the volume within remains available for cylinder-shaped payloads like lenses. Configurations with a larger number of motors are also available.

FENIX enables CubeSat operators to comply with international regulations even in case of missions to 700km orbit or higher, making it the ultimate solution to prevent an accumulation of spent nanosatellites in orbit.

In lower orbits, FENIX enables mission lifetime extension by boosting CubeSats’ orbit before they hit Earth’s atmosphere.

In interplanetary missions, FENIX opens up the possibility to include rapid orbital injection in the mission profile, and even to land CubeSats on the Moon and asteroids.

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Luca Rossettini

The Expertise:
«The new game in space exploration is on. European players – e. g. individuals, big corporations, researchers and bold entrepreneurs – answered the call from ESA and Space Applications Services.
The winner excelled at tailoring solutions for innovative propulsion systems. Led by the startup D-Orbit and taking the ICE Cubes’ ticket for on-orbit validation, Fenix optimises the space exploration potential, maximises business opportunities and minimises space debris. A win-win proposal for the future.»

Bernhard Hufenbach
European Space Agency (ESA)
Richard Aked
Space Applications Services