The Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) seeks entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for using space technologies or developing applications, to create new products and services in a non-space environment.

ESA’s Business Incubation Centres (BICs), initiated by ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO), work to inspire entrepreneurs to turn space-connected business ideas into commercial companies, and provide technical expertise and business-development support.

Our Business Incubation Centres across European countries support selected entrepreneurs with comprehensive commercial and technical assistance to help them startup businesses that apply space technology to non-space industrial, scientific and commercial fields.

ESA BICs help to create viable businesses and new jobs by providing support to more than 130 companies every year in Europe, and more than 500 startups companies have received support to date.


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  • Increase your equity capital: Capital raised through crowdinvesting is financially treated as equity. Thereby, the access to additional financing resources is also facilitated
  • Retain full operative and entrepreneurial control: The investors participate in the successful business development, but do not hold any shares or voting rights of the company. Your company receives subordinated loans with profit participation from the investors. Thus, the control stays entirely in your hands
  • Benefit from effective marketing: Comprehensive marketing activities supporting the crowd investing campaign places your company and product into the limelight. Furthermore, each investor is a multiplier who contributes to raise the awareness for your project
  • Receive market feedback: Interact with the wide-ranging network of the crowd and use the feedback for product and business development. This potential customer feedback provides you with valuable insights on strengths and weaknesses of your product, customer requirements, and thus ultimately saving you cost and money regarding product development

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