Technology Transfer Success

by European Space Agency (ESA)


The European Space Agency (ESA) was looking for the best business case related to a successfully accomplished technology transfer in line with the goals of the Agency’s space exploration, led by ESA to non- space applications. The main focus of the Technology Transfer Success category of the Space Exploration Masters lied on the development of solutions specifically derived from non-space fields into space exploration activities and vice versa. Thereby, sector-specific characteristics, expertise and insights of different fields made these cases unique. Related technology transfer cases that were so far unknown to ESA are of high interest.

ESA was looking for innovative and disruptive cases of realised technology transfers, so far unknown to ESA, with a tangible business performance in matching one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Winner 2017

2017 Prize Description

  • EUR 10,000 value cash prize
  • Business case promotion to an international audience & markets
  • Winner will be on stage with ESA

Who was addressed

  • Idea holder and
  • Technology transfer representatives of a national space agency who successfully managed a technology transfer from space exploration to non-space
  • Technology broker
    • of a product or service based on ESA funded or supported technology
    • a technology funded or supported by ESA and used for a product or service
    • successfully managed a technology transfer from space exploration to non-space

2017 Benefits

  • Showing strong technology transfer competency to ESA
  • Making the general public aware of generated value for society and Earth
  • All submitted cases from a company technology portfolio approved by the expert jury will be promoted towards target industries
  • All activities are connected with latest breakthroughs in the space exploration Domain

2017 Benefits for submitting entities 

  • Presentation and awareness building of space exploration and technology transfer competencies
  • Shaping the space exploration strategy together with ESA
  • Transforming tax money into distinct value for society
  • Line of arguments to explain benefits of space exploration to citizens and politicians
  • Supporting economic growth and driving technology innovation

Fact Sheet Space Agencies

Fact Sheet Submitting Entities


The following Associates supporting the Space Exploration Masters

Centre national d'études spatiales

Verhaert, Belgium