The Challenge is an integral part of the initiative and aims to discover innovative solutions that complement Luxembourg’s growing portfolio of activities in space resources utilisation (SRU). Specifically, the Ministry of the Economy is looking to strengthen the country’s expertise in promising areas related to the SRU value chain including, but not limited to, prospection, extraction, processing, manufacturing, and servicing. It is also interested in enabling technologies and fields related to SRU such as materials science, additive manufacturing, remote sensing, communications, robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, but will not consider launch activities.

The challenge addresses enterprises, universities, scientific institutions, startup teams, consortia, and individuals of legal adult age from around the world willing to set up a sustainable business and to create economic substance in Luxembourg by establishing and registering a Luxembourg-based company.


The Challenge is valued at up to EUR 500,000. It is designed to support a development phase under the Luxembourg national space programme (LuxIMPULSE) and be implemented through an ESA contract. For the grant to be awarded, the winner will have to establish and register a Luxembourg-based company and provide a sound business plan as well as a project proposal that are evaluated successfully. An expert team at the Ministry of the Economy will guide the winner throughout this process.

In addition, two people from the winner’s team are invited to the NewSpace Europe 2018 conference on 27-28 November in Luxembourg City. NewSpace Europe is the first space conference in Europe to focus solely on the newspace industry and the economic opportunity of space. Last year, it attracted 450 entrepreneurs, engineers, government officials and investors from all around the world.



A jury of interdisciplinary experts will evaluate the proposals submitted as to their commercial benefits and level of innovation in comparison to competing solutions. It is important that proposals not only offer a long-term vision for SRU but that they are also able to generate an economic return in the medium-term, using their solution in existing space or terrestrial markets. In general, the proposals should emphasize the solution’s technical feasibility and market potential while keeping in mind legal and financial aspects.

NOTE: Submissions to the SpaceResources.Lu Challenge are subject to additional formal exclusion criteria, as stated here.


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    Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg

    The Ministry of the Economy of Luxembourg is in charge of diversifying Luxembourg’s economy by developing and supporting innovative activities.

    Its Directorate of Space Affairs defines and implements Luxembourg’s national space policy, including the initiative. The Directorate also represents Luxembourg at the European Space Agency and at the bodies of the European Union and the United Nations regarding space affairs.

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    European Space Agency (ESA)

    The European Space Agency is Europe’s gateway to Space.

    Its mission is to shape the development of Europe’s space capability and ensure that investment in space continues to deliver benefits to the citizens of Europe and the world. ESA’s vision positions space exploration as a global endeavour, including missions to low Earth orbit, the Moon and Mars. It also aims to establish marketable space exploration initiatives and to boost socio-economic growth, job creation and added welfare.



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